Courtney Teasley's mission is to disrupt the Criminal Justice-System of Oppression (CJ-SOO) through proactive criminal defense strategies and solutions. After 9+ years of practicing criminal defense, teaching in the Criminal Justice department at TN State University, serving as mock trial coach for Stratford High School, volunteering as chair of multiple social justice organizations aimed at helping the community and working as campaign manager for a successful, Nashville-history making, judicial campaign, Courtney Teasley has shifted her focus to creating proactive strategies and solutions for the disproportionately affected by the CJ-SOO. 

She is currently offering the following:

The Police Strategy consult (PSC) will identify the strategy surrounding speaking or not speaking to the police when they are reaching out to speak to you for any reason. You will receive the pros and cons of speaking with the police, specific details on how to assert your right to not speak with police should that be your decision, along with Proactive Guides to assist if they inevitably take out charges on you.

The ProActive Case Prep consult (PCP) will identify evidence that will be beneficial to collect prior to your court date and will tell you how to go about collecting it. After learning about your case and how to proactively prepare, we will discuss how to properly utilize any lawyer that represents you.

A Lawyer From and For the Community