The PCP Consult is intended to help you feel comfortable by speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney and educator that is not trying to just tell you what you want to hear just to get you to hire them. You will feel understood when speaking with a social justice Proactivist who is a product of the urban areas of Nashville and has a history of putting the community first.You will feel heard when your experience is put into context and a summary is created that addresses the systemic oppression at play and ways to counteract it through strategizing and utilizing community resources. PCP consults were created to disrupt the system of oppression that is the criminal defense branch of the criminal justice system.

A Lawyer From and For the Community

The proactive case prep consultations (PCP Consults) were created to educate and prepare the disproportionately affected by the criminal justice system of oppression (CJ-SOO). They help to calm the anxiety, nervousness and fear that often accompanies being charged with a crime (especially for POC) by teaching about the TN criminal justice system and strategizing about the potential defenses in your case. The proactive method will identify evidence that will be beneficial to collect prior to your court date and will tell you how to go about collecting it. After learning about your case and how to proactively prepare, we will discuss how to properly utilize any lawyer that represents you.